June 9, 2014

What’s Said

After a long and involved process, our family vacation home in Rehoboth, Delaware has just been completed. My husband and I are not new to this process, as this is the third custom home that we have built. It is more than my pleasure to comment on our experience working with Nate Graulich, President and CEO of Graulich Builders.

This project involved developing half of a newly subdivided lot in a well established neighborhood. Along with that came many “special circumstances and hurdles”. We live out of town and were unable to be on-site constantly. Nate managed to stay on top of the many regulations and codes, while making it obvious that pleasing us was always on his mind. He is a perfectionist ( yes, you want that in a builder) and when we would make our trips to Rehoboth and note questions or concerns it was almost always without fail that Nate was already one step ahead of us. Nate takes a hands-on approach and is on site, day in and day out. When we called he almost always answered his phone immediately or called back in a very reasonable time frame. He has a select group of contractors that he works with. We were pleased with their work as well. This past winter certainly offered us many weather obstacles. We were hoping to have this house ready early this summer so that we could host a family vacation with some family traveling from Europe. Nate went over and beyond what I could have hoped for and made this wish a reality.

Last but most definitely not least, Nate is as nice and honest as they come, making the entire home building experience so much more pleasant. I am glad that we had the opportunity to get to know him!

Our home is beautiful, however, more than just pretty, our house is well built. We feel that Nate has offered us excellent professional advice and we can look forward to enjoying our home for many years. When we first started this project, we interviewed a number of different builders. We asked our architect who he would use if it was his home and he said, Nate Graulich. We are so glad we went with that advice.

-Aileen Unger

A few years ago we began working on the construction of our beach house with Nate Graulich. We chose Graulich Builders from among other builders because of their concern for the environment and the natural world, their use of eco-friendly construction materials and their youthful and creative spirits.

While this was a huge project for us, our relationship with Nate made this a labor of love. Nate directly supervised the project on our house, oversaw all of the details, made excellent suggestions for utilizing the space most optimally and was very respectful of our requests, incorporating some of our own ideas into the construction process. This was truly a collaboration that resulted in our enjoying a beautiful home that has won the praise of many passersby on the street as well as our friends and family who get to enjoy Nate’s care, concern and expertise from the inside.

We are delighted to highly recommend Graulich Builders.

-Sue and Paul Berman


Nate Graulich (Graulich Builders) has become an indispensable part of our lives since we have owned a home in Rehoboth Beach. He is always personally responsive and has a team of highly professional and skilled people who can meet any home building/improvement needs. I consistently recommend him to anyone in the area.

-Pat Hauptman